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The profit ranges from 30-35% of the revenue, once the outlet is well established one can expect a sale of 8000/- to 20000/- per day depending on factors such as location, target market, customer loyalty, etc.

Yes, you can sell products other than what we have in our menu, however you will have to inform us which product you are going to introduce at the outlet and why

The franchise fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

The salary of each cook will be a minimum of 10000/- to 15000/- pm.

It will take approximately 14 to 21 days to set-up the outlet.

No we do not provide you a manager, the franchisee has to find and procure on his own.

This graph represents how the sale has increased after Covid and now the market is normalising

during the initial days of the outlet one my encounter challenges such as customer complaints, order management, Stock management, etc. once these challenges are overcome and you gage the requirements and tastes of your customers then things start to fall in place and repeat customers increase. These factors vary from location to location hence it is recommended for the owner to be present at the outlet during the initial days.

We do provide shop search services as well, one has to pay 50% of the franchise fee in order to start the shop search process which is refundable on agreement signing, if you change your mind 12% will be deducted from the given amount of the franchise fee

we support the franchise if there are any problems occurring in running the outlet, if there is less footfall we also do publicity through social media, pamphlets, online platforms advertising etc.