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About Lassi Corner

Lassi Corner is a substantial food & beverage Cafe chain with a solid presence of 200+ outlets in 15 states of India. Lassi Corner’s scope of business revolves around offering freshly prepared, finest quality food and a wide range of beverages to the people at reasonable costs, All while providing them the experience of a great ambiance. Having started in 2016, we have established ourselves as an Indian brand that offers high-quality products and world-class service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The Founder & CEO of Lassi Corner

Gaurav Vyas

Founder & CEO

An IT Engineer who started his Journey back in 2011 from a startup company,  who followed his passion and become a successful entrepreneur in the food industry, More than 7 years of experience with many MNCs. He started LASSI CORNER back in 2016 Bangalore, and launched more than 150 outlets across India, In the Year 2020 he came up with the idea of “NEW LASSI CORNER” with a motto to provide vast variety in  F&B to meet “Value for Money”.  Being a foodie he used to explore the market and make sure to implement products that is really customer-friendly.

Join Us As Franchise And Become A Part Of This Lassi Revolution!

Step into the Magical Word of Lassi Corner

By offering franchises, we aim to reach more customers with our delicious products at low prices.
In parallel, we are expanding a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to become business owners.

Lassi Corner’s mission is to serve fresh, healthy, and tasty lassis that are both refreshing and nourishing. We believe there’s no alternative to healthy food. By providing franchises, we are delivering delicious lassis at affordable rates to a larger number of people. At the same time, we are extending a platform for food entrepreneurs to turn into entrepreneurs

Increasing Needs of Indian Consumers


The desire to have specific food/drink (E.g. Veg burger with extra cheese, fruit ice-creams etc.


The need for good value; rapid, fast service; a convenient location


The need to grab quick meal / drink (without spending time to prepare it at home) while delighting the taste buds


The need for special foods such a vegan, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly and so on


The need for special foods such a vegan, Spending a quality time with friends or family, celebrating an occasion or meeting for professional reasons

The Growing Food & Beverages Industry

The Indian Food and Beverage Industry is emerging as a high-profit sector

India had emerged as the world's third-largest startup ecosystem

It is a fastest-growing industry contributing 3% to India’s GDP

It is expected to reach US$ 79.65 Billion by 2028 with the CAGR of 11.19%

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